The Real Gentlemen of Queens! My first time on a podcast!

Yoooo! I was a guest on my first podcast ever and I loooooved it. The Real Gentlemen of Queens is a music podcast that's like sports radio for pop music nerds. Hosted by Julian Velard aka "Big Julie", and Brian Collazo aka "Bski", aka "B-Schockolate", these guys are both friends of mine, exceptional recording artist /singer-songwriter/ performers in their own right,  and full-on music super nerds!  I mean they get granular and passioinate,  and weird......😂. 

The Real Gentlemen of Queens, Episode 2 was entitled "Put Some Doobie In Your Funk, inspired by the P-Funk diss on pop musicians. We explore that intersection where certain artists bring funk, light rock, folk, and even a little country to the party in their own " Doobie-ous" way....Van Hunt, Terrence Trent D'Arby, David Ryan Harris and more. There's an accompanying playlist that goes along with the podcast. We had a blast , and I think you'll dig it. T

LISTEN ON YOUR PLATFORM OF CHOICE :         The Real Gentlemen of Queens, Episode 2 Put Some Doobie In Your Funk

CHECK OUT THE ACCOMPANYING PLAYLIST :    The Real Gentlemen of Queens, Episode 2, "Put Some Doobie in Your Funk", playlist