Cocktail Hour Duets with Remember Jones!

I got a call a couple of weeks back from my friend Remember Jones, telling me that he was doing a special edition of his virtual concert series "Cocktail Hour with Remember Jones".  For this special show he performing some doing duets, where he would pre-record video of his song partner's performances and then sing live with those videos for "virtual duets" accompanied by live musicians on stage. A percentage of the proceeds were going to the Loveland Foundation, a group that supports women of color by making it possible for Black women and girls nationally to receive therapy support. Their mission statement says that "Black women and girls deserve access to healing, and that healing will impact generations." And with that said, I said YES!  We'll be "dueting" an old school jam, a classic, I won't give it away.  So many talented artists are a part of this thing.  Remember Jones is a guy who is always coming out with innovative concept shows. Psyched to be a part of this one! 

You can watch the live stream on Facebook this Thursday night 6/25 at 7:00 PM EST, with this link: Cocktail Hour with Remember Jones, special guest... Me