Stand! You've been sitting much too long. There's a permanent crease in your right and wrong.” - Sly Stone

— Stand! (1969)

Stand 2020 Press Release

Jameison & Freedom's New Collaboration


Contact: Andree Kaminsky 
Fretless Productions Management

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Facebook: @stand2020video Instagram: @stand2020video Twitter: @stand2020video

10:20 AM EST, OCT. 20, 2020

“STAND 2020,” Jameison & Freedom’s new music video 
 celebrates the legacy of American human rights protests.

Newark, NJ—October 20, 2020—New Jersey-based music duo Jameison Ledonio and Freedom Bremner present the world premiere of their new music video “Stand 2020” exclusively on YouTube. “STAND 2020,” re-imagines the 1969 Sly and The Family Stone classic "STAND!” for the current moment.

A year and a half in the making, guitarist Jameison Ledonio (Chrisette Michele, Melanie Fiona, Debbie Gibson) and vocalist Freedom Bremner (Moby, Screaming Headless Torsos, Star Search) are releasing the video just 14 days before the U.S. presidential election. That is no coincidence.

“The mission with our records is to always create something beautiful,” explains Freedom, “but this video has an agenda—to get people up off of their asses and their excuses and motivate them to vote.”

Freedom continues, “It has become our own little ‘We Are the World’. We had been working on this for over a year, at a steady pace. We showed people what we had, and they were so moved that they offered to jump in and take it to the next level without payment. What started as an idea between two friends on the way to a gig, has been called by those who’ve seen it as ‘powerful, disturbing, triggering, and activating’. If the good Lord chooses to take me away from this earth today, and ‘Stand 2020’ is what I leave behind as my legacy, I’m good with that.”

The video was produced in partnership with Urban Herd Media and two-time Grammy award-winning mix engineer and producer Rick St. Hilaire (Alicia Keys, Damian Marley, Tribe Called Quest.

Premiered at 10.20 am EST on 10.20.20

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