Hey Tu, featuring...Me!

My good friend producer Diego Infante is the creative force behind Hey Tú. We collaborated on two tunes for the project, “This Feeling” and “Do You Feel Free”.  DIego is based in Mexico City and  I'm in Newark. Whilel we met in Mexico and we've visited each other in Mexico City, both of our songs were created entirely remotely.  We used WhatApp for video chats, recorded in our separate studios, and shared files to put it all together. Diego sent me a great track for “This Feeling” and I wrote the lyrics, and arranged the vocals while Diego created the entire vision and soundscape for the song. The video for “This Feeling” was also done remotely. I shot my segments on “Pride Day” 2019 in New York CIty, right on 5th Ave. and DIego shot and directed the studio segments, including the dance segments choregoraphed by his brother. Diego is a seriously talented dude. and we both share a love of classic house and french house music.