Norwegian Tour - The Funk Disease featuring Freedom Bremner

Smeltedigelen Musikkfestival, Mo I Rana, Norway

For the past 6 years, I've been traveling to Mosjøen, Norway every summer for a concerts with my friend Arvid Marinsen and his band the Funk Disease. We played the Galleria Arts Festival, Gilles Garden, the HemesJazz Festival (2015 & 2016) , and last year the first concert on the top of Mount Øyfjellet (2017). It's always a great show but a little bitter sweet because we do one show, maybe two and then we don't play again for another year. Still it's been a fantastic tradition. This year, sponsored by Nordnosk Jazz Center we'll be doing a run of four concerts in October in different cities in the North of Norway. Psyched! More details to come.