The Summer of Love crew is back on the road throughout the month of July. If you didn't know already, Glen Burtnik's Summer of Love Experience celebrates the music of 1967-1970 respectively, and this summer, I will be performing some of the music of Otis Redding, and Sly Stone. My dear friend, multi-instrumentalist, singer - songwriter, recording artist, Glen Burtnick (The Weeklings, Styx, The Orchestra & Beatlemania ) is the ring leader of his stellar 20 piece band of musicians for this tribute concert experience. The arrangements are detailed, meticulous , strings , horns, a fantastic canst of vocalists, all friends and distinctive performers and personalities. We channel the spirit of the original recordings as well as the Woodstock and Monterey Pop live versions of classics songs ranging from Joanie Mitchel's "Woodstock" to Sly”s “Dance To The Music”, and you know I put my own sauce on it too.   It’s all groovy, it's all good vibes!