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Parkland high school vigil

Fear is clouding our judgement as a nation

I'm an optimist. It's part of my hard wiring, but it's also a result of my habits.   I meet people, a lot of people,  I engage folks, and I try to read up, watch, and study things that are happening nearby and far away from my world.  I read a lot of terrifying disturbing things and I read about a lot of unsexy, miraculous, life affirming, amazing things as well.  Mostly though, I listen to the people I meet and my faith is constantly renewed with evidence, not blind belief.  I have seen standards of living…

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Joe kennedy iii walking away

Yes we can, again

This an excerpt from my Facebook feed last night.  It started as a reply to some of my friends and has been adapted for this post. 

After listening to the inspirational Democratic response to last night’s state of the union address by Representative Joseph Kennedy III, I knew that with the praise, would also come the criticism in looking for the perfect democratic candidate for future presidential elections. I knew it would come from both parties. “Here we go…another Kennedy!” “Another Dynasty!”. “Can’t…

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And out of the noise comes a new voice

You know, I remember when I had never heard of Senator Barack Obama, and then I did, and everything changed.  Until tonight's democratic response to the State of the Union address, I had never heard of Represntative Joe Kennedy III and now I have. He spoke to me. He said everything that I want my party to say to the world, he represented what I want my country to be in this world.  A country of prosperity, compassion, inclusion, common sense, freedom and fairness.  Vamos a luchar, ( we will win ) he…

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Oprah golden globes cecil b demille honor 3

Oprah, Oprah, Oprah.....

My patience and my faith in justice, fairness, and the promise of equality in America, has been tested throughout my entire life...yours too, I'm sure.  However, while I feel our country is in a particularly dark period now, with our current president at the helm and with the de-regulation of government protections moving ahead at steady clip, I'm fully aware that there are amazing things happening every day all around the world. It takes amazing people to make these things happen. Oprah Winfrey is one of…

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